Level 1 Award in Substance Misuse Awareness

course-substance-misuseThis qualification is aimed at learners looking for an introductory level qualification in Substance Misuse. It is useful for learners working or studying in a variety of sectors such as counselling, the health sector, sport and recreation or community work.

This qualification may be eligible for funding under sections 96 and 97. For more information, please contact your local funding provider.

Areas covered include the effect substance misuse has on society as a whole, as well as the physical effects drugs/alcohol have on the individual.

This qualification is made up of one mandatory unit. Learners must successfully complete the assessment for this unit to achieve the qualification.

Topics Covered in the unit are:

  • Know what substances are commonly misused and why
  • Recognise possible signs of substance misuse
  • Be aware of the social and personal effects of substance misuse
  • Be aware of the perceptions and responses to substance misuse

This qualification is assessed by a written workbook. Learners must complete the

Candidate Assessment Pack (CAP) in full and both the tutor and the learner must sign the front cover.  Tutors are required to mark the CAP and advise learners of areas to improve. All questions must be answered correctly. Once complete, tutors must send all CAPs back to HABC for moderation along with a Notification of Completion form for each learner in order to request certification.